Male, 28.
Currently I've been working for a property developer company as a creative consultant for architectonic, interior and identity designs for almost 4 years, while trying to finish my studies to be a graduated architect finally...

Since my age of fifteen I've been working with PS passionately, so I did several print designs for different companies and individuals. Also familiar with 3D visualization and a bit of web-design. I'm a big fan of all kind of digital and traditional arts.

Tenaciously trying to find connections between different ways of understanding. So in my spare-time I like to watch people and/or speak with them, read an interesting book, cook delicious thingies, simply draw something on my own...
Love fine women, trees, cool music and dogs.
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"przltnarcts turned 3 today!"

my tumblry is 3 years old, yay! :D

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Diploma #2 - episode hellrun

Well… as I usually try to design something - hopefully unique - I have no time to digitize all my workflow on my diploma. Darn… I have a LOT of ideas how it could be presented through diagrams and explanatory graphics. If I could do mitosis, then I’d have the capacity to do all of those graphics. I can only hope that I’ll have the mood to do after my state examination.

Some fun facts:

  • I’ve already sketched full almost a whole roll of tracing paper.
  • There were more then 10 different versions for the building during it’s evolution, getting better and better. Its really fun to review the process.
  • The architectural program was changed twice during consultations with the chief architect of the district and my university tutors, but the main character is still based on the very first idea.
  • Its going to be shaped like a chipped pebble, referring to the Duna river right next to it, so it will have some progressive style, i hope.
  • And its going to be fully cladded by Corten.

I have 3 weeks left until the final submission. Still lot things to do. Fingers crossed.
brr… :D


Currently I’ve been putting out fires all around myself, including several running occupational hazardous tasks, and trying not to incinerate myself during this nice activity.
Beside this, I have a pursuit to make a new tumblr thread for my developing diploma, where I could show how I set out a building in a cheesy-contemporary urban context.
Fingers crossed, and as always : hope the best!

Sorry; I’m pretty busy nowadays, but UPDATES will come SOON_!


Currently working on 3 different plans:

-My main school project need to be updated until next week, since my teachers suggested some modifications - regarding it’s main ideology behind - that I considered, so I try to improve the design in that way.
-We got a design test (homework) to design a camp for the Hungarian Surf Club. The funny thing the site location is on the private island Eori, Fiji. :)
-At the company, I’ve been working on an old historical building renovation and utilization in the very downtown of Budapest. The building itself has a beautiful history, but unfortunately at this phase I need to keep that secret for some unnamed reasons…

Well, these tasks requires lots of creative thinking which is pretty overwhelming. Usually I like to work alone and aloof from the world, however I could use some second hand opinion right now, to be honest…

Anyway, I want to upload some thigies about these stuff next week. Hopefully I will able to present some acceptable quality here.

Until then, here are my latest renders one of our running job-project: …


Earlier I mentioned I was working on my major school project. Here’s a facade sneak-peak of it. In this semester this needs to be designed in construction plan detail. More info will come later…


Generally lack of time, but have been trying to improve my viscom skills somehow. Certainly, in compare of my earlier stuff here it’s maybe not that significant progress, but I feel more confident in this field and thats count as an achievement in my opinion.

So here are my latest renders. Used sketchup, v-ray, and ps to get these stuff. Some attempts to get clear and drafted type of look at the same time, but definitely sharp. The interiors were my first attempt to catch such mood (still a lot to learn). Shoots taken for our upcoming ‘2bedroom-2bathroom’ mini-loft attic apartment.

And the roof terrace was rather just a play how could we utilize it.

Anyway, lately I’ve started to faintly feel it is time to move on and change application for this. Sketchup has serous boundaries and playing with post-processed demands heck of a time. Maybe Max or C4D, since both can be greatly used for architectural visualization. It’s gonna be a rough round, because as I’m getting old (haha) I’m starting to get bored all the sitting in front of the machine self-teaching myself. Well, we’ll see. I just hope that my earlier Maya experience will do good service during leveling my viscom up…


My main project is stand in the finish line. After long nights of thinking, and the final ideas and solutions combined, so they started to take shape in the past two weeks. Now, I’ve been in the final design and visualization phase, therefore as i promised some updates will come soon on this matter!

On the other hand; after years of wistfulness, I finally recieved a wacom tablet as a gift from my sister and her husband for Xmas (as all my savings spent on my a new and first laptop, lol). I barely remember the firts time i came across with that medium, but it was love at first glance. And now it’s on my table. Amazing feeling! However it’s incredibly difficult to use, despite it seems easier to draw with than a mouse. Anyway, I’m going to improve my skills on that gadget, cuz’ i have important plans with that… As soon as my main exams passed I think I’ll make a new tumblr to have a doodle showcase of some sort or stuff like that. w00t


I’m working on my major school project lately. I’m designing a medium sized multi-storey apartment building for upper-class people in the hearth of Budapest. Sadly that’s only a study (it won’t be built), but ‘fortunatelly’ i selected a fckn difficult plot for the course, so i’m going to learn a lot from it. Hopefully…

So as the deadline coming quickly, i’m on this, and i’ll try to upload here some content about that, just to document some of it and share my experiences.

Nice mock-up.

Top 20 reasons to be an architect


You know those videos on youtube “how to architect“…well, the creator, Mr.Doug Patt is on Tumblr now (@nice to have you around Sir) and he wrights about (another, of many many lists around)…

…Top 20 reasons to be an architect

1. It’s a noble pursuit. It takes years of study and hard work to be a reputable professional.

2. Architecture is prodigious. It is a noun and verb, an object and action. It is ubiquitous. It’s what we make, use and admire. It is everything and nothing and we get to be a part.

3. If it motivates you, architecture involves a wide array of learning and skills: philosophy, sociology, psychology, material science, engineering, mathematics, history, construction, reading, writing, and drawing.

4. The work has a massive impact on the creator. To stand in front of a building and be the reason it exists is rewarding.

5. The impact of a building is like momentum in a sporting event. You can’t see it, but you know it’s there.

6. Architects are generally creative every day. They may not design, but they use their minds more than most.

7. Architecture is a source of fascination. It is mythologized. It makes great dinner party conversation.

8. You have the power to inspire.

9. Architects work with people. If you don’t like people there are ways to hide too.

10. Architecture keeps people safe, i.e. you keep people safe.

11. Architects are like Oz. They remain anonymous and yet provide what people need.

12. It’s a highly prized skill, not always appreciated, but quietly revered. And it’s yours forever.

13. Architects learn every day.

14. Architects take ideas and turn them into buildings.

15. If you don’t want to be an architect, but are trained as one, you can pursue all kinds of other creative professions like product design, drafting, illustration, interior design, graphic design, physical model making, virtual model making, furniture design, landscape architecture, building, etc…

15. You get to draw.

16. You get to learn how things go together, come apart, function and fail.

17. You get to immerse yourself in intellectually stimulating environments like universities where a broad range of thinking is supported, accepted and encouraged.

18. The company you keep with the living and the dead is like non-other. There’s nothing like learning from or sparring with an architect.

19. Architects make something out of nothing.

20. Architects are like great painters. They take something simple like a pear and, with paint, make it more beautiful than it actually is. Just think of a building as a functional box. Then think of how beautiful great architects make them.

(Source: howtoarchitect)

I like this presentation at the moment. I don’t know why, because in the university we were taught not to do such mock-ups, rather make some abstracted model which emphasize the conceptual background of the building/edifice.

Anyway, I think I will try something like this in 3D next time…

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Working on an invitation flyer for one of our company’s upcoming VIP event.
Inspired by Andy Warhol.
Gonna be pressed.